Our Promise

Pleasing you and your taste buds is what we want to do, never mind how we do it! It’s not to say we abandon everything in pursuit of taste, far from it, as we want you to feel as if we personally made them for you – in the safest and highest standards of our own kitchen we live in. We also want to make it easy and pleasant for you and we may ask for little details (nuts, alcohol, soy, pick up) from the very beginning and that’s because we want to make sure we live up to your expectations. If not, we will try again, harder

Here are a few of our promises to you to ensure you will be happy with us:

  • We promise not to skimp on the best ingredients

  • We promise not to include skittles into every thing we make

  • We promise to accommodate your needs into what we make

  • We promise that when it’s stupid to add 3 different liquors to anything, we will let you know despite making more money from you. If you insist, we hope you will invite us to your party

  • We promise that when we cannot accept your order because we might not deliver it on time, we will not accept your order

  • We promise that if good ingredients are out of stock, we will get even better ingredients. If no such thing exists, we will let you know we cannot proceed

  • We promise that there is no pork or lard used in our food and alcohol containers are properly marked and segregated

Lots of love,

the skitzels team


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